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EVT is coming to Arkansas.

Envirotech Vehicles, Inc. (EVT) is relocating its headquarters from California to Osceola, Arkansas.

Arkansas proud!

We’re proud to be made in America and built in Arkansas! Not only are we transforming the electric commercial vehicle industry and helping the environment, but we’re also bringing jobs to the state.

EVT’s new state-of-the-art, 580,000-square-foot facility will bring more than 800 jobs and countless indirect jobs to Osceola and to the Arkansas Delta.

Locally Resourced

Our first priority is to source everything locally/in-state as much as possible, from lithium and steel to Arkansas-owned contractors, professional services and vendors.


We chose Arkansas because of the wealth of locally resourced materials, the ease of doing business and the spirit of the community.

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Robust Business Climate

Not only does Osceola provide us with a robust business climate and highly capable workforce, the plant’s proximity to the Mississippi River, railroad and access to the port of Osceola is also well-suited for the efficient transport of our electric trucks and vans.

By the numbers.





80.7 Million


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Envirotech Vehicles, Inc.

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